What To Feed Your Pet Crayfish?

Crayfish, also popularly known as crawdads or crawfish, are freshwater species that belong to the family of crustaceans. As many as 540 species of crayfish have been recognized till date. They are usually found in rivers and small streams of running water. They resemble lobsters to a great extent and can also survive on land. Their average lifespan is about 2-3 years.

These amazing creatures are very easy pets and are preferred as pets by many fish lovers. If you own a crayfish, it is very important to take care of it properly. Feeding it with the right food is an important aspect of crayfish care and must not be ignored at any cost. Being omnivorous in nature, crayfish are capable of eating anything they find. So, you can feed your little pet with carrots, frozen peas, Java Moss, meat, small fish, insects, shrimp, and meat.

In their natural habitat, crayfish usually feed on the decomposed plants found in plenty in running water. It is easy for them to feed on rotten leaves of grass and plants as they do not have very sharp claws. So, at home, it would be best to feed them with rotten spinach or lettuce leaves. Alternatively, you can buy them tiny fish, such as minnows and guppies, from market.

In the natural swampy environments, crayfish are used to eating snails, algae, and bacteria. Providing a similar environment in the tank at home can keep your crayfish really happy. Make sure adequate amount of food is given to them from time to time. In the absence of sufficient food, crayfish tend to eat up each other!


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